CITIMEX Group (Holdings) Limited. ,
a derivative of its Indonesian counterparts, is a well-established trading organisation with diversified interests.

The group, as a whole, has a long-standing commitment in the Pacific Rim. Founded in the 1940s, its counterparts' first operation started out in Jakarta, Indonesian. Its quick proliferation in the region soon saw its Indonesian and Singaporean affiliates a budding leader in textile, garment, logging, shipping, trading and investment.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Citimex has a major presence in Asia Pacific with offices, warehouse facilities and sales network spanning Singapore, Indonesia, Macau and Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan of China.

Citimex carries a vast array of products from all over the world. It is the authorized distributor, sole agent, exporter, marketer and provider of leading brand names from Europe, Asia and the United States of America.

Citimex believes in addressing the needs of customers and prescribing proper solutions. Every products is backed by a full quality and service guarantee with which the satisfaction and interests of each customer are respected and protected.

Citimex is an expanding entity persistently exploring frontiers and possibilities. It embraces new ideas and welcomes positive changes. To the company, pace is fast and progression is a norm of life. Whatever the company will branch into, it will uphold its belief that quality always comes first and service is at its best. And this is not negotiable.

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